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About iMotion Weddings

iMotion Weddings has grown over a number of years to become the country's most respected photography and videography specialist. Based in London, we provide exceptional quality wedding and event coverage for clients throughout the UK and abroad.

We are distinguished for our deep-level cultural expertise, so are entrusted to film for clients from all social backgrounds including Asian, Jewish, Greek and Persian families. This, combined with our state-of-the-art technical facilities and dedicated client care means we have resources and expertise that is unrivalled elsewhere in the industry. iMotion Weddings was formed with the support of Bloomsbury Films, one of the country's top wedding film-makers. It is now part of an independent film production studio with experience in the broadcast, film and commercials sector. This level of resources means we can offer our clients the very best photography and videography possible.

Meet Our Team

Harjit Dosanjh

Harjit is one of our senior  camera men and editor who is based in Kent. His career began with his degree in Multimedia after which he entered the industry as a visual effects artist creating 2D & 3D graphics working in post production. He later went on to pick up a camera and never looked back! He's been involved in making over 400 wedding productions with a special eye for detail and cinematic flair!

Richard Playfair
Richard Playfair

Richard Playfair is a producer at IMOTION films. This means he oversees every stage of production for each project he will plan every detail, film content, edit and deliver the final product. Your wedding is safe in Richard's hands and the skill and craft that goes into every wedding film really shows!

Alex Hedley
Alex Hedley

Alex has come from a corporate and live broadcast background. As with the rest at Imotion, he's an all rounder so he can edit as well as film. 'Keeping a client happy is about good communications. 'We work very strange hours so we happy to field calls and emails at any time of the day. It's also the best way of getting the best film out of us by making sure your expectations are met. As we do both the filming and the editing you know we care about the film as a whole.'

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